All rates are in pence per minute to mobile and or landlines and may vary from time-to-time without notice. All local and international calls are billed in 60 second increments with data charged per megabyte. UK local rates apply to all numbers beginning 01, 02 and 03. All 0800 & 0808 numbers are Free. All other numbers including 070, 084, PRS, revenue share numbers and those made or received when roaming are charged at different rates.

Other UK Mobile10p
Champion to Champion Calls*FREE
UK Landline*5p
UK Texts(Non Champion Numbers10p
International Text Message12p
Champion to Champion SMSFREE
Picture Messaging45p
Video Messaging45p
Emergency CallsFREE
Calls to 070 prefix personal numbers79p
Calls to 124 (Check Balance)FREE
Calls to 122(Top Up)FREE
Calls to 02034770008 ( Customer Service Helpline)10p
Calls to 118XXX Directory Enquiry Services£3
Data Usage (Based on selected Bundle)FREE
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